Kolibri Academy

We aim to focus on accelerating and empowering stakeholders through comprehensive training in project management, leadership, planning, and other essential competencies

We recognize the fundamental importance of soft skills and capabilities of the impact stakeholders in driving and sustaining impact. By honing these skills, organizations are better equipped to navigate the complexities of their roles and make meaningful impact.

How Kolibri can help you


Kolibri team can support your organization with training and capability building focusing on project management, sectoral insights, and other impact framework to accelerate your impact.

Institutional Transformation

Kolibri has partnered with private, public and civil society institutions through their transformation journey. We engage across strategy development, improvement of business case and investment, leadership and other transformation elements to enable the organizations to deliver more impact.


Institutions Engaged


Trainings Conducted


People Empowered

Let’s Get it right with our Kolibri Academy