With our experts during a period of engagement, our team will support you with insight and expertise to sharpen your solution.

Program and product designs created with insight and data are the requirement to your organization’s lasting success. Now, more than ever, strategy is required to ensure that your business and organizations invest in solutions that work.

Our Solution-Lab sits at the intersection of strategy, data, and co-creation to deliver solutions. We connect our expertise with your team—using analytics where and when its needed and co-creating the actions embedding insight from your team and your target of impact. We believe in your vision - join our Solution-Lab to deliver progress with excellence.

How Kolibri can help you


Helping organizations achieve higher and faster visibility to the ecosystem or current program pain points by deploying best-in-class framework and insight/data analytics


Structure and process insight and data faster. Our analyst and experts can help you process information across impact areas.


Achieve higher and faster impact by building customized strategy to your focus area and co-create actionable steps to drive more successes



of data processed to deliver insight



Co-created solutions



Organization Empowered

Our Capabilities

Strategy Management

Impactful solutions require data-driven approach and designs. Our strategy department combines data with design thinking and ecosystem mapping to support you with strategic capacity to build your roadmap to a powerful legacy. Invest in strategic engagement with us to build solutions that work

Public Policy

Public-sector partnership can be both an opportunity and barrier to scale. Organizations, program and even public sector need to be on the look-out for the impact of public policy intervention or limitation to build a tangible progress.

Communication and Language Support

Our team of communication and language expert will support your strategy to share your impact with the right audience. Our team can support you with your communication strategy, brand management, content development, risk management and language experts to share with the world your most impactful legacy.

Transformation Enabler

Add capacity and increase capability of your team. Kolibri is a set of experts that have made impact on the ground before. We can support your transformation efforts through capability building, curriculum design, behavior change strategy and operation optimization to mobilize progress.

Data and Analytics

We support organization to colab manage and distill data in order to inform your decision making. Data driven impact strategies will help you build holistic and yet targeted outcome. Our team has work with million of dataset utilizing academic methodologies to provide you with critical insight that is you need.

Let’s get it right with our Solution-Lab

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